A Possible Return? 

Hi folks, as you know I've been away for quite some time dealing with school related commitments  which brought a halt to any further progress on the blog. With that being said, I think I'll keep this blog going from time to time. School is enjoyable and all, but listening to music, and expressing my thoughts with those few of you that probably pay attention to this blog, is what I thoroughly enjoy. Music is the common thread between many of us. I can't think of many other things that almost all share the same joy and love for.  Though with my absence, I believe it is only natural for music tastes to expand, and change.  With that being said, I will not put my primary focus on metal. I will do metal from time-to-time but I will mostly focus on various genres, and elements that I feel capture many of the emotions that metal evoke. Whether that be drone, ambient, neo-folk we shall see what I'm in the mood for



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