Alaskan (Ontario)

Making a 180 in intensity here. I've always wanted to go to Canada, but I perhaps unfairly never think of them as a country known for metal.  Sure, they have their share of heavy-hitters, but most people are going to think places like Sweden and Norway.  Enter Alaskan.  Very chill, but deceptively technical post metal full of imagery and feeling.  I listen to this album and I picture myself as one of the people on the cover.  I feel the cold wind as I pull my jacket tighter.  The ocean mist hits my face with the smell of fish and salt.  The boat rises and falls with each wave.  I would liken it a bit to Altar of Plagues striking a balance between what I found to be too repetitive of their early releases without experimenting quite as much as their final album.  Yet another pay-as-you-want.  Who says great music has to hurt your wallet?

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