Prion - Impressions

I come across a lot of good music from South America and the one thing they all share in common is that they tend to lean towards the extreme side of the genre, An album that recently impressed me from that region is from 2008. It's from an Argentinian death metal trio that call themselves Prion and the album in focus is 'Impressions'. The metal on this one is raw and brutal. The savage sound shows absolutely no mercy and riffs pummel relentlessly. What makes it stand out from the pack is the odd time signatures followed by the riffs. At first listen it comes a mess of noise but this album is a grower. Repeated listens make sure that the listener gets used to the riffs and it is only then that the brilliance in the song writing can be observed. There are traces of melodic elements present at the start of 'Simulate, Hide', but for the most part it is an album devoid of any sort of melody. The band chooses technicality and sheer brutality over melody. The production sounds a bit compressed and the guitars don't sound as strong as they should. That aside, this is an album that delivers a smashing dose of death metal that deviates just enough from the normal to make it interesting.

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