Akhlys - The Dreaming I

I don't know why it has taken me so long to put this one up.  This album succeeds in creating a  palpable atmosphere: one that is inspired by the nightmares of Naas Alcameth (Nightbringer). Despite having only a few tracks, there are some great ups and downs and real progressions within their meaty runtimes. While I would have liked to see just a little more finesse in the guitar-work, there were some truly chilling uses of simplistic hooks as with the high-pitched ringing tones that recur throughout personal favorite, "Consummation." The synth work is also very layered and quite beautiful. Repeat listens definitely led this to grow on me. I would be more than happy to throw down for its bandcamp digital pricetag of 6.66 Euro, but I am personally holding out for an affordable copy of the digipack for this gorgeous cover art.  I'm in the US, so it's only the shipping that kills me.  You may see a full review for this at some point.


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