Awe / Vacantfield / End - Moerae

Three groups, three songs, roughly 17 minutes each. All great Greek black metal inspired by the 3 Fates who are also wonderfully depicted on the cover.  Awe's track sucked me in with a startling variety of pacing, intensity, darkness, and beauty that Greece's BM is known for. Stellar song. Vacantfield is decidedly more blunt-force trauma in the vein of Mayhem/Darkthrone. But even this is deceptive with the sudden break into pure ambient noise that in turn morphs into something...else. Something slightly more melodic and a little oddball. It will leave you guessing. Finally, End's track is a foreboding closer heavy on the bass and perhaps a touch slower in tempo. Plenty of earworm tremolo runs and reverb-soaked vocals. Check it out HERE and be sure to check out each band's individual pages linked there as well.


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