Monolord - Vaenir

I normally don't go in for doom metal, particularly stoner doom.  But damned if Monolord didn't just write one of the best albums I have heard in the style to date.  I absolutely love the vocals. The trippy effects over them create a really unique sound that is both refreshingly modern and wonderfully nostalgic. Then there's the hooks. My god, the hooks. Those crunchy, stoner riffs are so juicy I want to put them in a bun with cheese and add a side of fries. My main complaint is that songs tend to overstay their welcome by a minute or two, and I'm not particularly a fan of "Nuclear Death." The result is that the album lost a little steam for me about midway, but the very Black Sabbath, "Solitude"-influenced "The Cosmic Silence" and crushing titular closer helped to bring me back. Excellent doom, even for someone like me who is not particularly fond of the genre. You can hear the whole thing HERE and visit their bandcamp HERE.  $7.55 to buy digital.


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