Dendritic Arbor - Romantic Love

Make no mistake, there is nothing romantic about this album.  I am still in the process of truly digesting all that is going on.  What genre is it?  At times I feel like I am listening to a particularly grimy grindcore act, others I am thinking about black and death metal in the vein of Malthusian or Portal.  Then they hit you with the occasional breather of straight ambient, even when the music is at its most vile.  It is all over the place, and I love it.  It has already shot up pretty high on my 2015 list.  Not quite top 10 material, but who knows what a few more listens might bring?  Be sure to stick around for the full run time, as things don't truly pick up until my personal favorite, "Horizontal Key Vertical Gate."  "Ewaste" is also quite good.  Check out the whole album HERE.  It's only $5 for

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