If you have a taste for the ugly and obscene, but have yet to check out Indian, you are missing out.  This group of blackened sludge Chicagoans take crunchy, ominous riffs and apply Today Is The Day style wretches and shrieks.  Despite the sheer intensity of it all, compositions are quite catchy and not at all devoid of melody.  There has been a bit of an overhaul of line-ups between Indian and equally barbaric Lord Mantis.  Lord Mantis' frontman left/was ejected and has now formed Missing with several notable collaborators including Jeff Whitehead of Leviathan and Lurker of Chalice fame.  Meanwhile, the remaining members have shuffled with Indian to continue with the Lord Mantis moniker.  Both are poised to create some highly anticipated new material.  Indian have put out a number of albums, but my personal favorites are HERE and HERE.  That should keep you all pretty busy.

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