Winter's Wake


 Winter's Wake are an Independent Viking Metal band from Staten Island New York. Yes, I know what you might be thinking, what on earth is a band from New York of all places playing Viking Metal? While it may seem strange to some, don't let this be a deterrence

While Viking Metal may also get a rep for being cheesy and being lumped together with it's Folk Metal and Pagan compatriots, Winter's Wake does a fairly good job at distancing themselves from the "Cheese factor"and adding catchy, upbeat and well tunes with memorable solid riffs. As with any good Viking metal band, battle esque interludes and intros are aplenty and prepare you for the ensuing battle.

With their reissuing of their  Full Length, we are gifted with 3 bonus tracks and completely revamped and remastered sound.  This creates for a great  and enjoyable listening experience with the meshing together of the various folk and orchestral sections with that rawness and extreme metal edge. Plus lets not kid ourselves, who doesn't love bonuses?

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