Oldd Wvrms

                                                  Mater Serpentium cover art

I'm not quite sure what it is about smaller European nations but they sure know how to churn out quality Doom metal tunes. Oldd Wvrms are no exception who are a Doom/Sludge quartet from Belgium. Like other solid Belgian acts ala Amenra, Pantheist, and Wijlen Wij just to name a few; Oldd Wvrms continue on with the with the tradition  of  playing gloomy doom. While their first release consists of only two songs, this quartet from Houffalize manages to capture the very essence of the raw nature of sludgy doom in a jam packed 16 minutes. The guitars are glum and filthy, and vocals are of piercing caterwauling like any good Sludge should be. While it is abrasive at times, it still pays tradition to old-school doom with heavy filled riffs at the helm of the driver seat. With releases of such quality as this, it's only a matter of time until Oldd Wvrms too are a household name in the Belgian doom scene.





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