A Forest of Stars


A Forest of Stars have been what I would say one of my favourite bands. That by no means is an easy feat to say.. Ask me what my second would be and I coulnd't tell you. Oh well.. While their latest release may not be my favourite output of theirs, there is still much charm and positive to be taken from it. To be honest, I disliked it at first. Though knowing how difficult A Forest of Stars was originally to get into, I gave it another couple go's as an inital listen was much too premature to give a fair opinion. As always, they push the boundaries with their psychdelic approach and great depth and layering. In many aspects, their experimental elements have left a positive imprint on the avant-garde/experimental Black Metal scene which should only make them a household name. Anything less would be criminal. Be patient, attentive and enjoy to the fullest with all your senses. 

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