Wyatt E.

Lately, I've been listening to a healthy dose of Doom, no it's not because I'm a dreary individual but rather enjoy the strong, emotions that it evokes. So, I think it's only fitting that I continue on with another Doom entry and one from Belgium at that.

Wyatt E. are a down-tempo/Ambient Doom trio from Liege in Belgium. Like many, their work goes unnoticed so I think it my duty to give them credit where is due. Gathering musicians from other doom acts such as Deuil, Leaf House and The K;Wyatt E is a grand collaboration putting the collective minds of fellow Doom musicans together to create a great end product. With their first full release Mount Sinai/Aswan, containing 2 tracks and clocking in just at over 26 minutes we see just how much potential this group has. Some of the vibes I get are if Pelican were to play more down-tempo post-metal. While the description may not do it justice, the sound sure will. You can expect all sorts of elements molded within the constant Doomy vibes. The most notable absence is the lack of vocals. I don't think this harms the quality of the tracks in any way, as i think the guitars drive the songs forward and do a fine job at capturing every nuance. From post-rock to experimental and even middle eastern/tribal like elements these 2 tracks have it all.This is music that will surely captivate you with it's many qualities and is best enjoyed with minimal distractions. I very much look forward to see what Wyatt E. Will come up with next.

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