Au-Dessus (Lithuania)

There’s actually a lot of post-black in this, but without turning into yet another Drudkh clone.  The sound is very deep and heavy, the vocals very harsh.  There is a progressive element, but compositions are pretty simplistic.  Still, there is enough variance within each track to carry the song lengths.  I like how songs will start off with a really dark tone and then evolve into something more melodic over time as on track II.  In fact, each track seems to up the ante from the previous one.  Plenty of crunchy bass in the mix, production is pretty clean but retains some edge.  Guitar work is strong with the occasional hooky riff to break up the rapidly strummed chords.  Overall, an impressive debut.  Only $4.95 on bandcamp.  I will be coming back to this one for a few listens to be sure, but I see no reason not to throw them a few bucks.

Enjoyability=9 at least

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