Helleborus are a Psychedelic Black Metal duo from the mountainous state of Colorado that explore "themes of sexual mysticism and Dionysian nature". Named after the deadly poisonous winter flower, this gives us a fairly good idea of what to expect from their music. Beauty and grisliness wrapped all into one. They combine the relentless maelstrom of black metal riffage that we all love, while maintaining a psychedelic vibes that are perfect in putting the listener into a hypnotic like trance. The melding together of traditional black metal elements, and unorthodox elements  of doom and rock  is highly enjoyable and demands your attention to absorb all the various elements.The crisp quality songwriting, and memorable riffs make this a solid addition to add to any metal heads playlist. With their full length debut soon to drop, it'll be great to great to hear more from this sibling duo.

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