Dionysus (Pakistan)

Dionysus / Dormant Inferno - Beyond Forgotten Shores 

Dionysus’s blackened sound echoes as ‘Beneath the Skies of War’ begins. The vicious snarls of the vocalist only compounds that blackened effect. The riffs are short, simple and effective. This band too does not shy away from clean segments where the guitars add a classy touch. The guitar work on this side of the split is in the form of melodic riffs that imparts emotion to the tracks. The song writing puts these riffs to good use. The different sections of the song, whether it is the melodic guitar leads or the frantic riffs accompanying blast beat sections, the execution is nailed perfectly.

 ‘Rain’ starts on a heavier note compared to its predecessor, but the blackened feel is all the same. Production on the Dionysus side of the split contrasts with that of Dormant Inferno. While Dormant Inferno has an unabashedly loud and raw tone, the production sounds a bit compressed on the Dionysus side. The song writing more than makes up for what lacks in the sound. A beautiful acoustic section with choir like chants and spoken word signals the end of the split and a masterfully crafted guitar solo lays the split to rest.
These two bands have their obvious differences in their styles of music. However they share good song writing and the ability to write tunes that move you. They both can write long songs and captivate the listener without difficulty. ‘Beyond Forgotten Shores’ is a split that brings about 37 minutes of passionate doom and an example of one of the few good things that these rival nations share.

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