Dormant Inferno (India)

Dormant Inferno Dionysus Beyond Forgotten Shores 

India and Pakistan may have a lot of differences between them. But come to think of it, we share a lot in common. The commonality that interests me in particular, is both nations have some solid metal bands making some good music. Transcending Obscurity India has brought together two doom oriented bands from either side of the border in the form of a split titled ‘Beyond Forgotten Shores’. The bands in participation are Mumbai based Dormant Inferno with their doom death style and Lahore based Dionysus who follow a more blackened approach to the doom genre. Though stylistically different, the music from these bands comes together wonderfully in this split.

Dominating the first half of the split is Dormant Inferno. ‘Veil of Lunacy’ is the first in line and it opens up with a up tempo beat and riff before settling into a steady groove. The riffs are meaty and memorable. I especially like the fact that the keyboard works in unison with the guitar, creating this gothic atmosphere. The flow of the song is well written as it manages to balance the groovy doom parts, the up tempo parts and the clean keyboard section in the middle. The vocalist gives a varied performance incorporating growls, snarls and a bit of whispering cleans as well. He manages to execute all styles pretty nicely.

‘Deliverance’ follows suit in a similar fashion. This tracks has a relatively higher quantity of clean sections, where the keyboard works makes it sound soulful and gothic. Dormant Inferno’s side of the split showcases a good balance of funeral doom heaviness and soulful melody, with the riffs staying in the listener’s mind. Their set ends with a cover of Incantation’s ‘A Once Holy Throne’, which strays pretty close to the original.

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