Beithíoch is a black/death/doom metal band from Ireland. The name means (Irish) ‘Beast' Reportedly beginning with an "ambient black metal" sound on Aisling Dhorcha, it has develoed into into something described as being more powerful, and a tad folky. "Conquest draws on historical stories of massacre, battle and rebellion - combining the muscle of early Amorphis with the compositional sensibilities of Burzum in an album exploring the savagery inherent to human nature." Wicked. I'm in.

As I hit play, I am immediately clubbed with a combination of Portal and Abyssal meets Viking
metal. Racing tremolos lead us to battle with "The Fury of the Sea." The unique melodies are quite intriguing at times. The layering of reverb and hooks in the distance creates a sound full, much like a battleground filled with the immediate clashing of swords and more distant cries of agony. And when things get fast, the enemy is pulverized.

But you'll remember doom was mentioned here as well. As with the fluctuations of Behold! The Monolith, other songs have a strong doom element as with "Smashing the Shrines." The mixture of funeral and more classic Sabbath sounds with black and atmospheric death continues to walk the path of keeping things fresh. There's even a small dose of ambient on a few tracks.
But whether it's this sludgy slowness or the raging blastbeats of "Conquerers," save room for a helping of big chunky distortion. Some similarities to Dalkhu, but with a bit more early Amon Amarth in its veins. "The Ruins of a Forgotten People" instrumental would have fit nicely on the last Portal album as well. But no matter the comparisons, Conquest is the sound of warriors riding each other down in limbo, forever reenacting battles long since over. Yes, some very Dante-esque Viking metal. Time speeds up and slows down for the kills, but this is less The 300 and more Valhalla Rising. The album even ends similar to how it started, beginning the cycle once more.
So if that sounds like your sort of thing, definitely check this out. It's a different take on on genre fusions that kept me going. You can stream and buy below, as usual.

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