Hi everyone, this post is much different than probably anything else I've ever posted on this blog. It's not about the trivial Youtube videos I enjoy, or the newest and coolest obscure album I've listened to but instead: It's for a great  and important initiative. It's concerning the lives of many on the basis of Fundamental Humanitarian grounds.

    I've been a huge proponent of the advocation of Human Rights for many years now but it hasn't been until now that I have decided to follow upon my desire in a meaningful way by being an active participant. What might this organization be you might ask? What I'm referring to is Hanvoice.

Hanvoice is an Advocacy/NGO group established to assist North Korean's in Canada as well as in North Korea. One of the main objectives is striving to bring both grassroots and political  awareness of North Korea on a larger scale (much beyond the scope of what many have learned from pop-culture). In doing so, we hope to enligthen the people of North Korea on a gradual basis. Any bit of support, or sharing of this is greatly appreciated; so please take a couple moments out of your day and check out their website. Cheers

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