Oldd Wvrms

NØT cover art

It's been just little over two months since i reviewed Oldd Wvrms First Release 
and it didn't take much time at all for me to review their second. It of course helps a bit when the band themseles come forward by giving me such an opportunity to share my experience and of course discover them (though I'm surprised anyone knows about my blog ahah). 

Leaving off where they did with their first release, the opening track Corrosive continues off in the same vain with powerful, piercing vocals and killer riffs. This I think right here is the theme and the driving force that gives the album it's character and oomph. The EP is not super-fancy with ultra complex sturctures or any bits of charm but it's just straight, in your face Doomy Sludge. Straight to buisness, full of attitude and ferocious just how I like it. If you like this approach to your Doom/Sludge then I think you will thoroughly enjoy this release and won't be disappointed. Here'sto hoping that Oldd Wvrms wastes no time and gets back into music writing mode.

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