Vile Insignia

Vile Insignia Bestial Invocation

The skies are dreary and winter shows it’s cold face. The season calls for some black metal. The dark chilly nights demand satanic, infernal black metal tunes and Vile Insignia delivers just this in their debut full length, titled ‘Bestial Invocation’. Hailing from Canada, this band share a few similarities with the likes of Blasphemy and Proclamation. Their overall sound however is quite different from the war metal bands. Firmly rooted in traditional black metal, they incorporate elements of death metal into the song writing to create a vicious and barbaric sound which contains some very solid riffs.

Vile Insignia write tracks that are generally over 5 minutes and take the black metal approach of building up with tremolos and a dark atmosphere. The first half of the album shows little to no death metal influence. The tracks are rife with blast beats, tremolo sections and sinister melodies. Tracks like ‘Enslaved Possession’ can be considered pure black metal tracks and they are well written.

Where the band truly shines however, is on tracks like ‘Desecration Through Blasphemy’. Here they take ideas from death metal, especially of the technical kind, and use them to write a black metal track. The result of this is that the riffs are part sinister, part technical and sound absolutely enthralling. These ideas are concentrated more on the second half of the album on tracks like ‘Incarnation of Torment’, ‘Ritualistic Inquisition’ and the title track itself.

The album is brought to an end with the 10 minute long epic, ‘Morbid Tales of Bloodshed’. Easily the best track from the album, this track takes the listener on a ride with impressive riff work and melodic undertones. The production is fine and the ominous atmosphere adds a sinister touch to the riffs. The blastbeats sound a tad bit compressed in the mix though. The vocal work which comprises of snarls and deep growls are as venomous as the riffs.
A well written and well executed black / death album is the perfect way to welcome the season. Vile Insignia have provided with just that with their debut full length.

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