Bonjour Tristesse


Despite the utterly cliche name, which loosely translates to "Hello Sadness" Bonjour Tristesse play some sorrowful, melancholic Depressive Black Metal. The man known better know as Nathanael has showcased a sombre side of his, much different of that from his contributions to Agrypnie, Thränenkind and Heirtoir. Like in typical fashion of Depressive Black Metal, wailing shrieks of agony are accompanied by warm guitar tones to possibly indicate that there's still hope in such a dark place. Even with feelings of emptiness and fear, strength and hope loom in the background... waiting



Void Meditation Cult


Despite the name change from Sperm of the Antichrist, the anonymous figure behind Void Meditation Cults music style remains unchanged. In the same vein as Blasphemy and Beherit and old Samael, Void Meditation Cult play a brand of ominous, gloomy and raw old-school Black/Death metal which is very riff oriented. All of this is jam packed into a 15 minute release which leaves you wanting more.