Niden Div. 187



Niden Div. 187 are a split-up Swedish Black metal band which is truly a shame. They play black metal in the same vain as Zyklon-b, bombastic, aggressive and militarist esque. The atmosphere is very war-like; just imagine yourself in the trenches while being constantly bombarded with artillery. That's what it's like listening to Niden Div. 187.  How something so good can be so underrated is beyond me. 











Encephalopathy are a brutal death metal band (surprise surprise) hailing from good ol' Deutschland. This is a major slam fest from start to finish, not to say that's a bad thing per say, they also stray away from monotonous breakdowns which is definitely a good thing. Overall they're a fairly promising band who have the potential to create some devastating brutal death metal.



Promo EP - 2011