Murmuüre - Murmuüre 

Murmuüre is the one-man black metal project by the man who calls himself "One". I'm not too sure what it is about French black metal artists, but they seem to have a real knack for it.  This is one strange release. It's a very abstract version of black metal with many avant-garde influences and other lovely surprises mixed it. The true shame is how largely unnoticed that this recent went. It may be difficult to digest for some, full of diversity. Everything ranging from bombastic black metal as heard in "L'Adieu au Soleil; to the unconventional claustrophobic and perplexing variety. If you want an antidote of insanity then I highly recommend you take so. One things sure, I can't get enough of it. 





Vàli is a neo-folk artist hailing from the beautiful country of Norway. His music replicates his homeland very well. There's just something oh so mysterious and enchanting with every pluck of the guitar string. It creates a soft, gentile flowing atmosphere which is just captivating and you can't help but listen. Whether it be the flowing guitar, violin, piano or flute the charm that his music brings forth is undeniable. Safe to say, this is an excellent piece of neo-folk, good for any occasion 




New Way To Contact

Hi folks. I do realize the importance of social media so due to lack of will power I suppose, I caved and converted my personal Twitter account  into one that promotes my blog and music. So if you want to follow me and discover more interesting music, tidbits and other random information it would be great to have you along. Cheers!




YouTube is perhaps one of my all time favourite websites. Countless times, I  find myself discovering videos that I originally wasn't look for. This is artist is just one of the many. Esteban Antonio plays a what is already a very complex instrument the Guitar harp but with his own take on it The Ha-Shem is a 17 string Grand Concert Harp Guitar and is quite the sight to behold. Beauty, and the sheer technicality are what stand-out most for me.. The layering is cleverly done. Hope you all enjoy 


Nový Svět




Nový Svět are one of groups who do whatever the hell they want. They play an interesting fusion of neo-folk and industrial and certainly don't shy away from experimenting. The combination is surely a little strange but there's definitely enough to grab your attention. Enjoy the experimental mishmash that is  Nový Svět




The Great Old Ones


Heavily influenced by the writings of HP Lovecraft,  this post-black Metal outfit returns with their Sophmore output. I was initially blown away by the musicianship, and dense atmosphere with their debut and their follow-up does not disappoint. They delve deeper into the Lovecraft stick and create a perfect balance of rich atmosphere and aggression. Listen, reflect, enjoy. 



The Great Old Ones