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If there's one Death Metal band out there to never have gotten the credit they deserve, it would definitely have to be Gorerotted.The lyrics are crude and humorous, the music is stupidly fast yet it is executed perfectly, and there are a bunch of kick ass riffs, plus who doesn't love some great bass solos. It's hard to imagine that all of this can be put into a 28 minute release, but boy it certainly is a good 28 minutes.



Епархия зла


Епархия Зла - Безвременная Апатия

 When it comes to metal, Russia are most known for their Nazi Black Metal bands. Епархия зла (Eparchy of Evil) do not play NSBM, they instead are part of Russia's prominent Death/Doom Metal scene. As you would expect from many Russian Doom bands, they're synth laden to emulate Russia's cold winters, and Епархия зла are certainly no exception. Whether it's the downtuned guitars, the deep growls or the majestic keyboards, this album wont disappoint.



Безвременная Апатия - 2009

Ночная элегия - 2009

Сквозь нити сюрреализма - 2011